ISO-POS software provides a fast and reliable front end and back end solution for our customer business needs. Businesses from small family owned stores to franchises with multiple outlets. With the latest technology, ISO-POS ensures accuracy, efficiency and reliability for your business. It is so powerful and yet affordable. It comprises of varying types of architectures and specifications to suit different types of business sizes and requirements.
ISO-POS is designed to make easier to operate business simple and fast. Working more efficiently will allow you to make more informed and effective decisions about your business and to be more competitive in the market. The terminology used in ISO-POS system is designed to be easy to understand and user friendly to user.
ISO-POS system, the complete and easy way to control your business, reduces human errors and increases operational efficiency and effectiveness. Now, you can manage your business easier and smoother than ever by using ISO-POS system.

POS Peripherals

We supply variety of POS peripherals such as POS Keyboard, cash drawer, bar code scanner, paper rolls, customer display stand, etc.

Barcoding System

We offer various types of bar code design and also provide bar code printers, barcode tags and label. Industry such as Retail stores, Supermarkets, Warehouses and outlet stores able to accurately track the stocks and receive the stocks by using handheld barcode reader in a more efficient way and minimized the human erroneous.
System Requirements
  • Pentium 4 and above

  • 256 MB RAM

  • 40 GB Hard Disc Space or more

  • CD-ROM Drive

  • MS Compatible mouse

Operating System Supported
  • Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 Server 


    System Architecture

    ISO-POS Frontend

    • High security cashier login and logout control with password.

    • Multiple set of receipt no. for different payment mode.

    • Optional data input by PLU code or barcode scanning.

    • Kick drawer function to open cash drawer for non-sales purpose.

    • Hold and recall receipt.

    • Support multi-tender transaction, multiple payment mode for single receipt.

    • Receipt refund function.

    • Flexible item void function to void selected items in list.

    • X-report allows user to print current sales before day end closing.

    • Z-report printing after day end closing.

    • Powerful search function by PLU code, barcode, description.

    • Float in and float out functions available while add-in or taken out cash within cash drawer.

    • Local terminal with password to unlock.

    • Customer price check for customer to check item price.

    • Printer On/Off allows printer to print or not.

    • Auto-backup for master database.

    • Link to account Receivable (AR) when interface with Auto Count Accounting Software.

    • Auto-compact database files to shrink database size.

    ISO-POS Backend

    • High security cashier login and logout control with password.

    • Access level control based on functions.

    • Unlimited master data entry for category, department, PLU, supplier, sales person, customer, operator, shifts, shops, etc.

    • Barcode label printing module supports variety types barcode.

    • Complete inventory module with stock receive, stock return, stock adjustment, stock disposal, and stock transfer.

    • Purchase order function helps generate PO more faster.

    • Control stocks and selling price for HQ and outlets.

    • GUI interface and self-defined screen design and nicer.

    • Promotion function to specify promotion item in period basis.

    • Linkcode function for different packaging of items.

    • Complete sales report, daily, monthly, and yearly.

    • Stock take module makes stock take process simple, faster, accurate with minimum data entry and supported by some necessary documents.

    • Send selected PLU and master data such as PLU selling price, operator access level, customer information into outlet supported by PC Remote Software (Remote Version).

    • Pulling and consolidating sales from outlet to HQ master backend.

    • Immediately update of PLU records for standalone and network version.




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