ISO BI Centre - Your Intelligent Reporting Solution

Nowadays, intelligent reporting is significant to assist the organization to improve strategic and tactical decision making due to the management needs greater insight and visibility into all aspects of the operation. This happens to most of the business outlet like retails and others.

ISO Business Intelligence Cntre helps in captures and aggregates rich data held across disparate software systems like Point-Of-Sale. Easily tailored for the individual. This solution compiles the industry’s best business practices into systematic solutions to enable companies to more effectively monitor and manage their business transaction on a real-time, and event-driven basis.

ISO Business Intelligence Centre provides a user-friendly login portal that enables system users to gain immediate access to the operational or transaction data needed for their preferred web browser and exploit the robust reporting featured and finally view or generate the particular reports which desired.

In accordance too, the availability of valuable business intelligence reports with accurate statistics helps companies to take appropriate decisions at the right time to maximize profits and minimize the loss. Besides, this allows companies to analyse their strategies and comprehensively make better business decisions to achieve more profits.


  • Analyse various issues and data across all outlets, departments, and others.
  • Deliver reports and information securely and simply.
  • Generate business intelligence reports for data mining and data segmentation on multiple criteria.
  • Generate sales reports on the basis of cost, gross profit, net profit and margin.
  • Analyse daily revenue and daily data rate.
  • A report published on the dashboard for viewing by all.
  • Improved productivity by establishing baselines and best practices.
  • Improved forecasts for budgeting purposes.
  • Being able to better determine where finite dollars can be spent to generate the greatest return on investment.
  • Improved decision making by capturing and aggregating the rich data held within software system across the enterprise.