MPOS is simple, efficient, and cost-effective that help you in your business and finally a Point-of-Sale System that make sense!

 It takes minutes to train any employee to use the MPOS Tablet POS by using tablets like iPad, Android Tablet, etc. MPOS is designed to maximize the potential of the touchscreen devices with its intuitive interface,

Even the user with zero computer knowledge will find it simple and easy.

Get the best technology available and get the BEST DEAL! MPOS is a Full-featured Tablet Point of Sale system for thousands less than comparable systems! The current functionality and feature set allows the software to be both powerful and versatile,

Simply, MPOS is a cutting edge POS solution for all with an affordable price.





MPOS front-end comprises of system login which provides your access security with authenticated credentials.
The system menu for navigation purposes comprise of sales, terminal closing, download data, upload data, printer settings, server setup, and device setup.
Subsequently, the features of the sales/ transaction include the product, member, sales person, search for the products, add item to sales list, and the price and total of the products. Besides, the others important features are out of cash, exchange/ refund, hold, recall, view reports and tender.
Lastly, MPOS enables customer to print the receipt of sales respectively for reference.


MPOS back-end is incorporated with system login which provides your access security with authenticated credentials.
Additionally, the dashboard summarizes the business movement of total sales on a daily basis or at least 30 days. Besides the dashboard also summarize the total sales, average sales and current sales. It also shows the best selling item by quantity and sales.
The system maintenance/ setup including the following reports, there is company report, operator report, PLU report, sales person report, and supplier report.
For sales report, they are including the several types of reports which are the best selling report, collection summary report, item sales report, and sales summary report.